June 25, 2024
Goggles bloke

"Wow, I can see Shaun Maloney with these!"

Goggles bloke
“Wow, I can see Shaun Maloney with these!”

At this moment, supporting Wigan Athletic is like walking around with three-inch thick lenses – everything is magnified a thousandfold. Those little misplaced passes and wonderful double saves become heart-rendingly monstrous as that May deadline appears on the watery horizon. You tread carefully for fear of bumping into Mr Fulham or Dr Rotherham, inadvertently knocking them over the finish line thanks to your impaired sense of awareness.

On Wednesday evenings, however, we are free to remove those goggles and revisit the reality not shaped by the sensationalism or reactionism painted by the social networks. Heck, if they were a decorator they’d already be in the skip having accidentally pasted wallpaper onto their own arms, drunk on the fumes of cheap paint from the local newsagent.

This week’s edition features a lengthy debate on the relative merits of Marco Fortune as a goalscoring centre forward, plus a healthy plug or two for the author’s projects. And note the lack of scare quotes around ‘author’ there, because for once I can claim to be anything but a small time blogger… well, kind of – I ‘wrote’ a very small percentage of a published book. And there are punctuation errors in those parts. But they are there on a piece of paper rather than throwaway electronic webspace!

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Contents: Back with a bang: intros (0:00); Millertime: Rotherham review (1:00) including Malky Malk will make you jump (3:30); wallowing in our own crapulence: Watford review (5:20) including Fortune or fools gold? (8:00), the youth vote (18:00) and Watson’s one night stand (22:15); another new striker coming? (27:00); Bolton preview (32:00) including Barry’s big team talk (41:00) and artificially sweetened predictions (44:00); Cheap Plugs of the Week: Stuck On You (46:00) and All Gone Latics 05 (48:30)

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Stuck on You cover art
Here’s a visual aid for our discussion about the book’s cover. Ah, so that’s where Grant Holt got to!

Turns out I was wrong about the price of Stuck On YouAmazon has it listed for £9.09 at time of writing. But £13.99 is the store price, so let me know if you see it in any physical shops so I can buy every copy they have in order to artificially increase its ranking. That’s what I did with the short-lived ‘smash hit’ JWAW: The Annual. What, you say you’ve never heard of it? Hah, that’s because I own all 32 copies in existence and you can’t have one because they’re… er, holding up the coffee table.

Listen out for more sticker-related stuff here at JWAW, or visit the PWU Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages if you’re more interested in Wigan Athletic than attaching bits of paper to other bits of paper. Which I’m sure you aren’t, but just in case you’ve accidentally been licking stickers again, the option is there. Incidentally, I’m not a fan of self-adhesive stuff after the Post Office killed my flavoured stamps business with their new fangled pre-licked nonsense. Grumble grumble.

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2 thoughts on “PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 120: Spectacle-tacular

  1. Leeds and Forest gave you a helping hand last Wednesday.However the saying is true,things seem to have a habit of keeping you down.League one is tumbleweed city,we had a spell there,you just can’t get out of it.Keep the faith!!!

  2. Yeah, that was the first time in a while everything went very well for us. Just a pity we couldn’t win too!

    My own personal opinion is that we will have to battle with League 1 next season… but we have got out of worse scrapes than this. If we’re still in it on the last day…

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