July 19, 2024
BBC Red Button League One

Expect plenty more pics of this table in the coming months...

BBC Red Button League One
Expect plenty more pics of this table in the coming months…

Savour it while you still can, chaps! Fairly soon, on-demand league tables via your television could be a thing of the past as Auntie Beeb phases out the Red Button, formerly Ceefax. Best ready your anti-Arnold devices, for this surely signals the end of the convenience age and the beginning of the Skynet automated thought age.

In celebration(?), PWU looks to the future through the goggles of the past, predicting Wigan Athletic’s eventual destination in spring 2016. And where might that be, you ask? Well, one clue is in the fact John Stones’ Paint Trophy Final is scheduled for April, another is our constant references to open top buses driving through Beech Hill towards Believe Square.

We gotta talk about Rochdale first, though. In the interests of ‘keeping it fresh’, you might want to skip past tha-

(He’s only kidding, readers! Listen to the whole episode or a man will come and hit you on the head with an inflatable hammer. — Ed)

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Contents: Hairy intros (0:00); Rochdale review including Simon’s From The Terrace report (1:50), Perkins breaks leg on ball shocker & Revelling up (6:30), Rochdale chippy review (9:18) and defence of Yanic (12:20); Wigan Athletic: Home of International Rugby (17:30); Shrewsbury preview with Rob’s footballing history (21:00), Shrewsbury Scrooge (26:10), Si’s Odds Checker (27:35) and hefty predictions (31:00); listener questions: Pennant return in January and over-reliance on loan contracts? (33:00); Paul’s League One numbers game (37:00); Al-be-on that bus: a Burton mini preview (44:00) with more measured predictions (46:20); John Stones’ Paint newsflash (47:40) and a dogged admission (50:25)

Fartwatch: I’ll trump that! (28:20)

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TV dump
Guys, remember to switch off your television before throwing it away.

Well, I believe that makes precisely 302 consecutive posts in which I’ve referenced teletext. If the internet didn’t exist, I’m reasonably sure this fanblog would be broadcast on Wigan’s own teletext service, Piefax. It’d be in the Small Time Teletext Blog section right after the menu for that one Italian restaurant at the DW that I can’t name otherwise we would receive 888 letters of complaint regarding JWAW’s impartiality. (Gasp.)

For more from PWU, please visit Piefax page 352 or use those confusingly modern Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app services to get the podcast on your telly. And then take a pic of said TV, because I’m pretty sure mine is the only one left in existence thanks to the rise of computer monitors (not to be confused with monitor risers).

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