July 15, 2024
Wrong way sign

We need these installed at the DW.

Wrong way sign
Do you think the opposition will pay attention to these?

The burning question on this week’s PWU Podcast: exactly how did Burton Albion defeat Wigan Athletic? Was it through persistent pressing and brickwall defensive sensibilities? Was it through effective handling of late November conditions and sheer physical strength? Or maybe it was because they had the correct players in the correct position to sidefoot home *their* elementary opportunities?

Nope. It was definitely because Burton won the toss, forcing Latics to swap sides and play towards the South Stand in the first half. But I’ll spare you the 30-page AS Level Psychology dissertation… for now.

After 180+ minutes of football more humorous than anything that spews forth from our gaping maws, I’m sure your cheek muscles are as sore as Michael Jacobs’ shin at 3:10pm on Saturday. But don’t worry, because you’re more likely to cry while listening to PWU’s veritable John Motson stand-up show of half-baked attempts at humour.

Or, you know, you could just skip past the bits where I talk.

YouTube version

Contents: Early Xmas intros (0:00) with a shoutout for celebrity listeners (1:00) and an Amigo (3:00); Shrewsbury review with Adam’s From The Terrace report (3:30), League One: League of Cowards (5:00) and Pearce on the move? (16:20); Burton review (21:00) with Simon’s Not From The Terrace report (23:00), Refwatch XII (27:00) and left wing activity: formation overload (31:00); Shrimpin’ Southend preview with Simon’s scouting report (38:37), somewhat biased Oddschecker (44:10) and marginal predictions (46:25); Walking with Elephants (48:40)

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Wigan jar of air
Jar not included.

Congratulations, Chris McCann, on your 100th yellow card of the calendar year! Members of the JWAW Supporters Club have bought you this, a commemorative album to keep them all in. There’s a special section for the red ones at the back, but we hope you don’t have to use it.

More spot prizes are to be awarded, including genuine discarded PWU mint wrappers, a jar of Beech Hill air and a Wigan Athletic season ticket card that’s actually invisible, but we claim only ‘intelligent people’ can see it. And for all we know, they probably can. Anyhow, you can learn how to win them by visiting PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages… possibly.

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