July 15, 2024
Wigan FA Cup

Would you swap it for a Ferrari, Kris?

Wigan FA Cup
Would you swap it for a Ferrari, Jeff?

Ahh, the nostalgic delight of FA Cup Third Round weekend. You might think Latics’ absence at this particular stage would remove some of the oft-cited ‘magic’ from Britain’s most prestigious cup competition. But no – for once, you could witness Jeff Stalling’s Sky Sports Snooze Breakdown with blissful comfort, safe in the knowledge that your team would not be knocked out today.

…Because that had already happened. Hey, you can’t win the FA Cup every year… just 2013. And 2017, and 2018! Ahem.

And then it’s gone. You snap your finger and you’re back to reality, back to work, back to another 360-odd days of FA Cup 3rd Round-free normality.

But football is football, and there will be plenty more ‘bog standard’, non-cup final Latics matches to scream in agony at. Next up for audio description by the Progress With Unity team, #2 of 3 consecutive league games at the DW Stadium. Will we make it to #3? Probably not, if people keep forcing me to talk about the Sheffield United game…

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Contents: Return of the jokers (0:00); Gillingham revue with Paul’s early bird Putting His Bins Out report (0:55), I, for one, welcome our new Sky Sports overlords (3:00) and Dack slap (5:20); Welcome, Yanic (9:00); Sheffield United review with Dan’s From The Terrace report (10:20), Calamity Barnett (16:40), Calamity Yanic (19:00) and top secret injury news (23:30); transfer window shopping (27:00) and Vuckic appraisal (32:00); Chesterfield preview (34:30) including Si’s Oddschecker (36:00), 10 Things We Don’t Know About Chesterfield (37:00), Barry’s top two hopes (39:00) and three-flowing predictions (41:10); Sharp wit and penguin flapping (46:50)

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Soccer Saturday takeaway
“And you say I’m being paid to eat this?” (c)BSKYB

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that we beat Man City, we beat Man City with a Watson goal. That’s worth far more than the billion pounds of revenue in Uncle Scrooge’s Munny Bin League Sponsored by The Television. That’s worth far more than a cheap Twitter gag or the combined price of Soccer Saturday’s entire tie rack (ornamental pins included).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just book my appropriately priced match ticket for Crewe, where I can enjoy the game without Gary Neville talking nonsense over the top. Cheers.

Whoops, sorry about that! Almost forgot to promo the podcast where we talk nonsense over the top of Latics news stories. You can get PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages at these very hyperlinks now, free of any subscription charge whatsoever. There is no reception interference, nor are there washed up professionals wi-

OK, now it’s turning into a slanging match. See ya on Saturday!

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