June 19, 2024
Roberto thanks the fans

Roberto celebrates winning the World Cup for England.

Roberto thanks the fans
Roberto celebrates winning the World Cup for England.

In League One, 3-0 can be a dangerous lead. The disconcerting silence following Michael Jacobs’ corker against Chesterfield is proof that you require a four goal cushion to be anywhere near comeback safe. “C’mon, we need at least one more,” cried anxious East Standers wary of United-esque fightbacks. (Sheffield United, that is.)

An obvious solution lies in the philosophy (fool-osophy?) of Sir Bobbert Martinez: score all your goals in the second half and nobody has time to hit back. Score in injury time and win the FA Cup. Not even Manchester City can recover from that.

Such logic, though admittedly flawless, would be torn asunder by League One. Like how Wayne Rooney would be kicked to an early retirement as the semi-oblivious referee, Mr Schaden Freude, looks on in amusement. Which, for the record, would be slightly more interesting than Man U 1-0 Liverpool.

Only kidding, we need Roons to stay fit for the Euros so Max Power can set him up for the winning goal in the final. In stoppage time. Under manager Roberto Martinez. Yep.

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Contents: Das intros, ja (0:00) mit eine neuer gesten (1:00); Chesterfield review with Gareth’s From The Studio report (1:40), Everybody Wants Max Power (9:20), Rob plays the Half Time Game (11:00) and RefWatch XXXIV (16:20); Ruddy Goodish Wigan: a January progress report/ramble (18:00); transfer window wiping (27:00) starring ‘Daniel’ O’Donnell (29:00); riddle-me-roo, it’s the Crewe preview (31:00) with Rob’s away ticket info (33:00), (Almost) 10 Things We Know About Crewe (33:20), fair weather predictions (36:00) and Si’s Oddschecker (38:00); AoB: FAB (39:40), Shut That Door: an FA Youth Cup giant killing (41:40) plus Latics2Amsterdam and zine news (44:00)

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Speaking of Mancunian clubs and cup finals, a rematch with ‘Webeat’ Man City beckons at Stade DW in the coming months. Ahh, you forgot about the FA Youth Cup, didn’t you? Here, have some proof that such giant-killing exploits aren’t simply the stuff of cheese pie-fuelled fever dreams:

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