July 15, 2024
Plastic fork growing

Cultivating a fresh batch of plastic forks for the DW concourse.

Plastic fork growing
Cultivating a fresh batch of plastic forks for the DW concourse.

Fans of matchday minutiae, get a load of this! Stade Deedub has hosted its FAB-tastic (mostly) bi-monthly meeting to discuss pies, beer and plastic forks (thanks to the All Gone Latics fanzine for that one). And we’ve set aside time on Progress With Unity to talk about… well, talking about Wigan Athletic FC. How very meta.

I suppose that makes this post a commentary on commentary on commentary, so I’ll switch the subject before things become more wince-worthy than a typical challenge on Michael Jacobs. Get well soon, Mikey!

Yeah, that’s not working either. So what about that big Grant Holt comeback, eh? What do you mean there will be no such thing? Oh dear, I think certain PWU panellists will be very disappointed indeed…

A special mention goes to the *real* Barry Worthington for his editing skills, which cover up the fact I lost control of the table in the second half of this episode. Two ham shanks from Hindley Spar to the first person that spots all the edit points.

YouTube version

Contents: Intros with the Real Slim Barry (0:00); Crewe review with Dinner Dinner Statman (1:30) and Si’s Off The Terrace report (2:50), shot shy [but not Yanic] (5:00), “complacency is a disease” (9:50), closing the gap to 2nd (14:50) and Barry’s free ticket bonanza (18:00); Fantastic And Brilliant Fans Advisory Board (19:55) including WAFC Walking Football League (22:30), [hopefully] parachuting into the Championship & financial unfair play (23:40) and the great goal music divide (34:50); Port Vale preview with Paul’s drinking hole scouting report (38:00), Si’s Oddschecker (43:45) and suitably overconfident predictions (44:35); token transfer window talk (47:50)

Fartwatch: 38:55

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Mr Bean
No, Bean, I made a mistake. You can go home how. (c)Nathan Wong

I was extremely excited to hear that my favourite comedian, Rowan Atkinson, would be returning in his most popular role. Not only that, but he would be appearing at the DW Stadium on the evening of Tuesday 1 March!

However, upon checking the fixture list pinned to my fridge door, I learned that Wigan Athletic were away to Millwall that night. Furthermore, this supposed comeback event was not ‘Bean Back’, but a satellite beamback of the match. Which is marginally better, I suppose.

Thangyewverymuch. That was a small taste of the ‘wacky’ ‘humour’ available via PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages. So now you know to avoid them at all costs.

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