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Newcastle 2 Wigan 1: Fool’s game

Yes, dear reader, it’s true – Arsene ‘Penguin’ Wenger did finally flap his wings hard enough to take off. When asked about staying at Arsenal for another season, he squawked ‘can’t see it’, scooped

Fulham 3 Wigan 2: All a dream?

“Fulham v Wigan? Well, you may as well go and paint the pantry, alphabetise your BBC Micro type-in games collection or ride your ostrich to Maastricht because that’s a certain draw right there.” But

Nottingham Forest 4 Wigan 3: Last goal wins

“League One is a slice of thrice-iced Victoria sponge. But that passing in your own six yard box stuff simply won’t fly in the cut-throat Championship,” growled Latics Fan A. “Don’t change a darn

Wigan 4-1 Southend: Orchestrated Muppetry

Francis E Dec had it right all along. In this world-wide four billion eyesight camera mass multimedia generation, aren’t we all puppets? I only ask because I just discovered I’ve had a large wooden

Burton 1-1 Wigan: Cautious Corner

Iiiiin this corner, reigning League Two Champions and proud owners of the division’s best defensive record, sometime leaders of the Teletext League Table, the mighty Biscuit Men of east Staffordshire! In the silver and

Wigan 3-1 Chesterfield: Snow business

“They’re closing Whelan’s,” garbled my gran, wiping away a small tear. I hadn’t the heart to tell her that Uncle DeeDub sold his discount stores to a well-known high street supermarket way back in

Scunthorpe 1-1 Wigan: New Year’s nonsolution

Is there any sense in making New Year’s resolutions? I have already broken two of mine, namely ‘stop stealing content from the Daily Sport’ and ‘speelcheek evry post’, and it’s only a matter of