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Bolton 1-1 Wigan: Neighbourly love

It really isn’t that far from the DW Stadium to the Reebok – if you were to stand atop the South Stand, you would probably see the Horwich Arches with your naked eyes. It

MK Dons 1-3 Wigan: Don Uwe Forget About Me

It was with great disappointment I learned that Sir Ben Watson had been harshly overlooked for the much-vaunted Ballon D’or (literal French: ‘accurate ball-kicking’) award. It is understandable that he could not attend the

Reading 1-2 Wigan: All I Want For Christmas Is Uwe

In the past, we at the PWU Podcast have been accused of misreporting in the interests of bias and humour, and rightly so. ‘Play-by-play’ parrots are the past, opinionated nonsense shall soon be the

Wigan 3-2 Bolton: The Finest ‘Arvest

Three short weeks ago, I was promoting this game as the Owen Coyle Festive Reunion Special, but I didn’t count on Father Davemas’ infamous impatience. I do admit it fills me with great satisfaction

Wigan 1-3 Derby: Ham sandwich theorem in action

You know, I’ve written enough about Manchester United on this website since August. Do I really need another article focusing on how the lower leagues are becoming glorified playgrounds for the Top Four’s ankle-biters?

Injured Powell returns from England U21 squad

Nick Powell has returned to Wigan early after missing England U21′s Euro Championship Group Match with Finland due to injury. Sky Sports News reports that he will receive further treatment at the club ahead

8 reasons why Nick Powell is better than Eric Cantona

That Cantona bloke was alreet, but was he really that good? He might have skyrocketed Manchester United to superstardom with a new brand of footballing ‘je ne se quoi’ in the 1990s, but would