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Brighton 2 Wigan 1: Hau My Gaard

Happy Poundsavah Chocolate Egg Day, dear reader! As all good parents know, this is the day you can start buying your egg-shaped confectioneries as they’re heavily reduced in price following Easter Sunday. In honour

Wigan 3 Barnsley 2: The Walking… Not Quite Dead

Greetings… erm, small time weblog readers? Did I say that right? I am Ed Q Hitter, otherwise known as the actual editor of this website. You thought it was the wannabe politician, or maybe

Wigan 3 Rotherham 2: The Walking Dead

Well, ain’t that just a bummer? I missed this entire game as I was stuck at Westhoughton railway station seven whole hours waiting for a train to stop. I would even have endured a

Wigan 3 Blackburn 0: The Curse of Coyle

In just one week’s time, it will be exactly 39 years since NASA launched their Voyager II space probe. Contained within this expensive collection of screws and mirrors is the infamous Golden Record, an

Bolton 1-1 Wigan: Neighbourly love

It really isn’t that far from the DW Stadium to the Reebok – if you were to stand atop the South Stand, you would probably see the Horwich Arches with your naked eyes. It

MK Dons 1-3 Wigan: Don Uwe Forget About Me

It was with great disappointment I learned that Sir Ben Watson had been harshly overlooked for the much-vaunted Ballon D’or (literal French: ‘accurate ball-kicking’) award. It is understandable that he could not attend the

Reading 1-2 Wigan: All I Want For Christmas Is Uwe

In the past, we at the PWU Podcast have been accused of misreporting in the interests of bias and humour, and rightly so. ‘Play-by-play’ parrots are the past, opinionated nonsense shall soon be the