Attendance vs Fulham: Official club statement

Sides warm up before Wigan v Fulham, 8th November 2009, DW Stadium

Wigan have released an official statement thanking Latics’ fans for their support during Sunday’s match against Fulham. This comes less than 24 hours after the BBC’s slightly dubious editing on their Match of the Day 2 programme, which some claim portrayed Wigan Athletic fans in a negative light. It is unknown whether the two are related, as it could be argued that the club were going to release the statement regardless of what Match of the Day claimed.

Whatever the situation, Latics’ Commercial Director Paul Hunt was quick to heap praise on the home support:

It was a great effort by the fans with so many taking up the various offers. The real plus point was that supporters are supporting the Club in pushing attendance with so many new, and in particular, young faces at the game. It bodes well for the future. — Paul Hunt,

From a personal point of view, attendance and atmosphere-wise, the game was a marked improvement on some other matches this season. It has been pleasing to see the South Stand in particular fill with each home game that has passed, to the point where it was visibly packed for Sunday’s match. It was also good to see some of our armed forces lads attending the match on Remembrance Sunday, and perhaps in future we could think about letting some of them in for free. After all, I should think they’ve earned it.

The atmosphere was excellent, and although it didn’t quite reach the highs of Chelsea in September,¬† it did come a close second as fans tried their best to push Wigan towards a second goal.

You should be proud of yourselves for the support you are giving to the team and it may be a clich√© but you really made a big difference. I for one am looking forward to the next home game versus Sunderland for another great performance from our supporters – thanks again. — Roberto Martinez,

Once again I must stress that none of this is meant as a slant at Fulham’s fans in any way whatsoever. Though there were only around a hundred of them, they were a credit to their club, getting behind Fulham whenever they could, and in the end were rewarded with a handy away point.

Plus, they got the North stand concourse all to themselves. That said, I don’t know what’s in there – they could have changed everything since they converted it to the away end. Perhaps there are riot police and torture devices? Dunno, a Fulham fan will have to inform me on this.

If any of you souls that braved the Wigan weather this weekend are reading this blog, I would very much appreciate a comment! That goes for both Fulham and Wigan fans, by the way.

  • See the full club statement here.
  • Additional thanks goes to VitalLatics, who could front a campaign to boycott Match of the Day.
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