July 15, 2024
PWU outside broadcast truck

PWU outside broadcast truck

After the rip-roaring success of the PWU Podcast‘s previous on location edition, it would have been daft not to wheel the portable studio (pictured) down to Robin Park for Wigan’s next midweek home game.

Every other broadcasting company this side of the River Dougie (or is it the River Pye?) had a plush catering tent or centrally heated production truck in the caged car park, while we had… erm, a bobble hat and a half-spilled cup of soup in front of the burger van. As everybody knows from watching Sky Sports News, however, all the expensive broadcasting equipment and flashy tablet PCs in Albion can’t buy you good comment. (Take that, mainstream media!)

I must admit to enjoying these ‘live from the DW’ episodes, even if the temperature seems to drop below freezing the moment Barry hits that record button. Thankfully screaming at the referee kept us warm, or at least thawed us to such an extent we could mumble a few half-time and post-match expletives. They were inevitably censored, but venting one’s spleen at a small grey box with a red LED is strangely therapeutic.

The nights may be closing in and the temperature plummeting quicker than Mark Hughes’ Celebdaq shares (especially since that site no longer exists), but the PWU Podcast is here to keep you toasty warm. There’s a Twitter page, an RSS feed and a particularly delectable iTunes page to sustain you in these bitter winter months. Until next time, don’t forget your scarf.

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