June 16, 2024
John Smiths Stadium, Huddersfield


John Smiths Stadium, Huddersfield
The John Smiths Stadium seconds before it was swept away on a gentle breeze. (c)Illarterate

Alright, we know what you’re really here for. It isn’t the highbrow discussion on this week’s Fansites’ Forum or our exclusive interview with true Latics legend Emmerson Boyce, but that characteristic PWU toilet humour.

Speaking of unwelcome disturbances, you may hear the odd bit of strategic background sound effectery. Fear not, for the eerie banging straight from a Halloween horror movie is not a Starman coming to take us away, nor is it the rattling of abandoned supermarket trolleys, but that Huddersfield breeze slowly working its way west.

Uh oh, we have drifted into Weather Watch once again! I ought to introduce a swear box-style forfeit every time I mention food, weather or Chris Kirkland’s forthcoming move to Borussia MonchenGlassBack. Cheers to Rob for that last one, by the way!

Contents: Forgive this flatulence (0:00); Huddersfield thoughts from reporter Rob (2:38); Rosler v. Martinez (5:07); a review of the Sheffield Wednesday saga (12:40); Ali Al Habsi – Hero/Villain (22:25); Cardiff FA Cup preview with special guest Emmerson Boyce (30:30); Barnsley mini-preview (41:10); Fansites’ forum thoughts with Paul T (48:27)

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Farting is treason
Don’t try this at home, children.

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The timing of this edition was perfect, as we could rush straight from our chat with Uwe Rosler to the PWU studio with his comments fresh in our minds. You will soon be able to listen to the full thing with your very own ears, when that bloke from JWAW finally rises from his La-Z-Boy chair and puts chubby hand to mangy mouse. At this rate it’ll be a week next year, but PWU iTunes, RSS and app pages will keep you updated when he eventually does.

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