July 15, 2024
Teletext Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney, child of the teletext era. (c)Illarterate

Teletext Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney, pictured here in 1980s Minecraft form. (c)Illarterate

I apologise for disturbing your summer hibernation, dear Latics fan, but we thought it best to at least acknowledge the leather-kicking session soon to be taking place in Futbol Land. Hosts Brazil truly are experts in/on the field of football, though they do face stiff competition from the Brazil of the North West, AKA Wigan Athletic. Keep your eye on Our Roger and Our Jean…

After a whirlwind tour through the also-rans, the PWU team preview Group D and offer reasons why this World Cup won’t be a disaster for Mr Burns’ men – England Luke Shaw to make it through the group. And don’t worry, there aren’t too many poor puns, although I do admit that one would have worked better in audio form.

Somewhat ironically, Ecuador would have scored against England in Wednesday night’s friendly around the time Mick was confidently predicting that Wayne Rooney would hoist the cup aloft on 13 July. Proof positive, were it required, that PWU truly is the podcast form of voodoo.

Contents: Intros and Barry’s one-match ban (0:00); Group A with expert Dan (2:00), Group B with Barry Beausejour (3:11), Group C (8:25), Group E with Gareth (10:00), Group F with Mick (14:40), Group G with Paul (20:20), Group H (24:50), and finally Group D AKA 48 years of hurt (31:00); favourite World Cup songs (47:50); Mick’s World Cup facts (50:15); predicted winners and yet more facts (51:40)

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Jordi Gomez feat Boselli
Goodbye, Jordi – Boselli will remember you forever. And stare at you from his black and white TV world.  (c)Barry Worthington

Those tuning in to hear last week’s PWU Podcast might have discovered a delightful playlist of 1970s pop classics in place of the usual football chat. We *were* going to cover these tunes using beer bottles and spoons to keep the beat, but were unable to obtain the appropriate licenses. Heck, we’ve even been knocked off the TV licensing register after the new-fangled digital teletext exploded our television. But I am told the usual iTunes, RSS and app pages are still functional, if a little cobwebby, so you’ll be OK if you have a faxomobile computerphone.

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