July 16, 2024

Callum McManaman in training at Christopher Park Aerodrome (c)Aair parachutisme

Callum McManaman in training at Christopher Park Aerodrome (c)Aair parachutisme

All I need is the PWU show, blasting on the radio… well, mp3 player. Hmm, doesn’t quite have the same ring as Mike Rutherford’s original lyrics, but get Phil Collins singing and it’ll be fine. Stick it in between the 5-minute slap bass jam and wine glass chorus that takes up the record’s whole second side. What do you mean there’ll be no room for it? Get that skiffle demo of ‘Land of Confusion’ off the shelf and make it a double album!

Much like Genesis’ disjointed time signatures, you can’t dance to a Latics performance of late. Callum McManaman has been attempting the worm, but his mother has told him to stop because she’s sick of cleaning his filthy shirt. Besides, it has led to zero goals, a yellow card and a couple of terrible dents which two disgusted groundsmen are currently attempting to patch up. Thankfully, none of them are Wigan’s (heheh).

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Contents: Swift intros: virus busting (0:00); cluckin’ good Blackburn review (1:50) including Statman, fixed penalty notices part 1 (3:30) and natural selection? (9:40); review of Huddersfield ‘events’ (19:45) including penalty appeals part 2 (21:09) and Partisan FM (25:20); Monday Night Football: LIVE! Ipswich preview (28:30) including a scary Statman segment (29:10), a less worrying stat (32:20), footballing philosophy – the talk on a cereal box? (41:20) and predictions AKA high hopes for Monday (46:20); Turn It On Again (48:27)

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Huddersfield match highlights courtesy @LaticsOfficial

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DW empty seats
Empty seats: the DeeDub circa 3pm this coming Saturday. *Don’t* be there, unless you like watching pigeons.

A warning to all fans attending the Ipswich game: don’t turn up on Saturday because you’ll be the only one sat in the stands to watch the groundsman run his Flymo across the pitch repeatedly. The game actually takes place on Monday 22 September 2014 at 7.45pm. Or 8.00pm. Or maybe 7.30? Nah, probably not – I haven’t seen a half seven kickoff since they were still playing with gaffer tape crossbars.

Hmm, you’d better check the PWU unofficially official PWU Twitter nearer to that time for up-to-date breaking news on kickoff times in the modern game. Or not. And don’t worry, because there’ll be no talk of that on the Progress With Unity iTunes, RSS and app pages – Wigan Athletic’s No. 1 fancast is above the unnecessary ramble of mere small time internet weblogs.

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