July 16, 2024
Wigan Athletic Obsolete Managers Club

(c)Jared Zimmerman

Wigan Athletic Obsolete Managers Club
Uwe, my son, welcome to the Wigan Athletic Obsolete Managers Club. (c)Jared Zimmerman

One is aware that these are the first words one has committed to blog-shaped iPaper (copyright Apple) since that fateful 4pm announcement last Thursday. It is a great pity that managerial sackings do not take into account the regular publishing times of internet weblogs, since Thursday is our regular PWUDay here at JWAW Towers (proprietor: Jaywar Fawlty), but I *think* I managed to release last week’s post just before the official announcement. Chalk that up as a victory for the stereotypically lazy SMIW (small-time internet weblogger) that loves to use brackets in every sentence.

Not to dwell on a point for too long, but I feel I must interject with a question of ego-stroking proportions. Why announce a sacking on Thursday afternoon? Does this have something to do with an outspoken edition of the PWU Podcast recorded the previous night, or did it really take three days to complete the forest of paperwork associated with a change in staff?

With the obvious out of the way, it’s on to the heated debate over Malky McMalc, the latest in a long line of McLatics to grace the McDW Stadium, home of Scotland Athletic. But if you think JWAW will use this as Coyle-style typecasting, you’re… well, probably right.

[C’mon, man, you’ve used up your regional stereotyping quota for this quarter! – Ed]

Well, you heard Ed. Stop reading and start listenin’, baby.

YouTube version

Contents: Intros: (so much for an) international ‘break’ (0:00); exclusive: Statman sacked Rosler! (1:30); a surprising appointment? (6:20); shock pseudo-soccer presser starring Greg F (10:20); Statman speaks & Paul’s Mackay factfile (20:00); the youth vote (28:00); number one candidate? (35:30); ‘too good to go down’ (40:30); WAFC Fans Advisory Board (47:00); Middlesbrough mini-preview (49:20) including ‘predictions’ AKA wild stabs (50:50)

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Indy 500 retro car
Wow, JWAW is as old as this photo… almost.

It might have slipped your attention since I don’t publicly number them, but it just so happens this is the 500th post here at the Jesus Was a Wiganer weblog. To celebrate, I have posted a picture of a somewhat relevant car from the 1908 Indy 500. Much like JWAW, the Oldsmobile Slowster 1000 finished dead last after ‘acquiring’ a streetlight-sized hood ornament some 23.4 miles into the race.

In unrelated news, this week also marks a new world record of failed applications for the position of Wigan Athletic manager from any one individual. Yep, that’s the 32nd time I’ve been knocked back… looks like I’ll have to upgrade from Championship Manager to the relatively modern Football Manager – it can’t have helped that I repeatedly spoke about bringing Isidro Diaz back to the first team. I was shocked when they told me it isn’t 1995 any more.

Still, there is time. If anything does happen, be sure that PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages will keep you up to speed on my impending appointment. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go shopping for a new pair of interview underpants just in case.

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