July 15, 2024
Window cleaning

It's precarious out on the edge of the Championship.

Window cleaning
It’s precarious out on the edge of the Championship.

At 5pm on Tuesday, I was rudely awoken from my mid-afternoon slumber by a knock at the door. I begrudgingly hobbled towards it just in time to catch a bloke in overalls carrying a long ladder over his left shoulder. Visibly irate, his stare was as icy as the water in the bucket he barely clung on to with his right hand.

“’Scuse me,” he growled. “Are you the bloke that wrote the article about window cleaning?”

“Why, who’s asking?”

“You know flipping well who. And you got me out of bed by sending that automated alert to my mobile by adding ‘window cleaning’ to the post subject.”

Then he kicked me in the groin and stole the bottle of semi skimmed from my doorstep.

Well, at least I know the PWU Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages are doing their job. Incidentally, this week’s post subject is a tribute to that brave man!

(Be careful what you’re doing here, that guy knows where we live. – Ed)

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Contents: Hasty intros (0:00); Refwatch: a Huddersfield Review Special including Statman (0:59) and Fortune left foot, right foot (5:30); talkin’ ’bout money, money (9:40); belated window cleaning (14:00); right to judge Mackay? (18:54); PWU Question of the Week: The Kids Are Alright (21:10); out with the new, in with the old (28:50); Reboot: Ipswich preview (39:20) including Statman’s form guide (41:15), Refwatch and predictions (42:40)

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Money barrels
The Barrels of (Marc-Antoine) Fortune go rolling down the Football League ladder.

I must take this opportunity to apologise for my absence from this week’s edition of the PWU Podcast. I am currently in hiding, and may or may not have grown a comically large moustache so window cleaners everywhere won’t be able to recognise me. I would advise you to turn off automatic notifications but it’s probably too late for that if you’re reading this, eh?

For those who would like to be notified of forthcoming episodes of PWU, utilise the Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages. For those who wouldn’t, I am somewhere in Eastern Russia if you want to come and find me.

STOP PRESS … Another plug for All Gone Latics 04 …

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Division 2 leading scorers 99

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