July 15, 2024
April Fools' Day joke


April Fools' Day joke
Agh, my car! That buffoon in the canteen thought it was a sandwich again. Stupid 1st April traditions. (c)Dave_7

Hey, did you hear that news about Wigan signing Wayne Rooney? Me neither, because Latics-related April Fools’ Day jokes are unsurprisingly thin on the (muddy and sand-augmented) ground this year. Tabloids have no time for such frivolity when there exists real news of great significance to report! For example, Don Cowie could be out for the season, while Don Cowie has picked up an injury, and a crocked Don Cowie is expected to miss the Easter weekend matches. Also, the fact Don Cowie ‘took a nasty fall’ in training has been helping to fill blank column inches in the absence of domestic footballing action.

Of course, I’m kidding – apparently it’s customary to do so at this time of April. Greg Dyke gets what is probably his first mention on the PWU Podcast, providing our question of the week: should there be more restrictions on the number of foreign players at a club? Thanks for emailing us that, Greg! I hope we (i.e. Mick and Paul) answered to your satisfaction.

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Contents: Eggs-emplary intros (0:00); PWU Question Time: Greg Dyke’s eligible England internationals (0:50) including cheaper in Scotland? (9:00) and feeding the enemy (13:00); Wigan’s new Championship Manager player recruitment model (18:00) including the Special Ones (26:00); welcome to Latics’ new pros (29:00); Fortune’s April Fools’ Day joke? (31:10); blue ‘Boro preview (32:10) with more Fortune debate (38:30); doing the Derby Double: Rams preview (40:40); ‘secret’ podcast party – shh! (47:00) Wigan Athletic movies stolen from All Gone Latics (48:15)

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Frying egg
Oh yes – did I mention there are egg puns?

Well, I hope you didn’t get fooled yesterday. Apparently the newswires now provide ‘April Fools’ Day Live!’ coverage, reporting on all the best pranks as they break. The rights to next year’s show have been sold to Sky, who are already planning a channel dubbed Sky Sports Pranks HD, which will feature Jim White in a clown costume delivering out-of-date jokes in monotone fashion. Hmm, maybe we should apply for exclusive coverage the following year?

Until then, our very own newswires, namely the PWU Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages, will report on Wigan Athletic and a selection of related non-comedic topics that may or may not include silly Easter puns. It depends on what time of year it is, you see – there’s a likelihood you’ll be reading this when they close down the internet around Christmas 2021. (Blasted holographic switchover.)

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2 thoughts on “PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 122: Fool me once

  1. Just had two fried eggs, One for each goal against Boro. 1-2 final result. How’s that sound Dan?

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