July 16, 2024
Emmerson Boyce, This Is Your Life

Courtest @Laticsspeyk

Boyce This is Your Life
Thanks for everything, Boycey! Courtesy @EmmersonBoyce

Surprise! I bet you never expected the PWU team to organise something as large scale as an Emmerson Boyce tribute night at the North Stand Marquee. There again, it’s really just a slightly expanded podcast… with 500 attendees and added celebrity guests. And of course, the big man himself, the Barbadian international legend, the Joseph’s Goal ambassador, the 2013 FA Cup Winner… Richard Whiteley!

As far as I recall, there was not a single mention of the dreaded ‘R word’ in 180 packed minutes of Boycey-themed fun and frolics. Naturally, Emmerson’s achievements in 9 years at Wigan Athletic deserve more than a bumbled obituary for Latics’ life in the Championship.

This is also the case for this week’s PWU Podcast – our impending trip to those vast open fields of League One is far overshadowed by Tuesday night’s celebration of a captain, inspiration and legend. And rightly so – Wigan Athletic will surely return to prominence, but there will never be another Emmerson Boyce.

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Contents: Sexy intros (0:00) including ‘is there an echo in here?’ (2:59); Bee Team Nightmares: Brentford review (3:56) including Trolls of Norway (5:00) and the Wigan Athletic of tomorrow (6:30); bad Boyce, watcha gonna do when they throw a surprise party for you? (10:00) including Barry skrikin’ ont’ top (12:00) and ‘secret’ transfer talk (13:40); Latics Legends with Everton Athletic (16:00); transfer window shopping (17:20), end of season cramp (21:00) and do they want to stay? (23:30); Already on the beach (26:00) including 4 days of podcasts! (28:50)

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Emmerson Boyce, This Is Your Life
Yes, that is indeed Maynor Figueroa at the front there. Courtesy @Laticsspeyk

Emmerson Boyce: This is Your Life was the perfect antidote to a season of… well, you know what. And do you want some more good news? 2014/15 is now officially over and you can enjoy your summer holidays safe in the knowledge that next year must surely see 50% more upbeat editions of the PWU Podcast.

What, you want a summer special edition? Well… only if you’re good boys and girls. I’m secretly hoping they re-open Sharpy’s so we can record live from there while chomping our footlong hotdogs again – sounds like a Twitter hashtag campaign to me! PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages will be the first to let you know if Davido Sharp re-enters the upmarket fish ‘n’ chip fraternity (fritterternity?) any time soon.

Anyway, we’re all off to try and get Dominik Diamond to return to UK radio. But for now, podcasters, it’s a good night from me, and sayonara from him. *Sobs*

Emmerson Boyce, This Is Your Life!

This video courtesy Steve Greenhalf, but if you wait a week or two I’ll have the full night edited and online. Keep both sets of eyelids peeled!

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