June 25, 2024
Emmerson Boyce and the mayor

Boyce: No, you can't have the cup on weekends and Bank Holidays!

Emmerson Boyce and the mayor
Boycey seconds before the lesser-known FA Cup mud wrestling incident. (c)Illarterate

Stop right there, dear reader! Sorry to interrupt your hard-earned first ice cream of the summer, but we thought you might want to hear this. Progress With Unity has returned for our traditional close season special complete with socks ‘n’ sandals and sand in your swimming trunks. Except we hope this isn’t *quite* as excruciating as either of those, because a special guest has arrived at the PWU studio (PWU-dio?)!

Exactly *who* is this mysterious person, I hear you ask? Well, we did attempt to sign up Grant Holt, but he’s a bit wary after that incident with the schoolkid impressionist. Sadly, I think that’ll be the extent of his mainstream media appearances for a while, which is a shame because I would have liked to try my own Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonations on him… but don’t worry, Holty will be back. Yalgh.

No more guesses? Well, your time is up anyway. Still starry-eyed from his surprise This Is Your Life tribute a couple of weeks ago, it’s Wigan’s adopted Barbadian, the man who still has one of my old pictures on his Wikipedia article. Heh, I bet you can guess where I’m getting these facts from! It is indeed the back of a cereal packet, and that guest, as if you hadn’t already noticed from the title, is Sir Emmerson of the Boyce.

With an introduction like that, how can this Boycey interview special be anything but fantastical? Join us for a look back on his nine wonderful years at the club and much more besides. Oooh yes, the extra-curricular activity is worth the admission price (half your left leg) alone…

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Summery intros (0:00); Emmerson Boyce in the (audible) flesh (1:30); This Is Your Life: a genuine surprise? (2:20) Including dancing on the table (5:50) and behind the scenes problems (8:00); Joseph’s Goal Wigan Athletic Legends game (8:30) including Kirkland the centre back and first goal of the season (10:00); the Europa League experience (13:30)

FA Cup Final: from the playground to Wembley (17:30) including Man City gracious in defeat (24:30), carrying Joseph – an all-time sporting moment (26:00), did the FA Cup get us relegated? (29:00); all downhill from Barnsley (31:15); conquering the Premier League in 2011-12 (35:00); career stats and injuries (38:30); contract situation and the future (39:30) including MLS, the Bajan Elite and the Emmerson Boyce Academy (44:00)

Open questions: Loan window or revolving door? (49:30) Early tactical fouls (50:30); best, worst and looniest you’ve played with/against (51:30); How hard is Graham Barrow? (55:00)

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Chocolate George Formby
Chocolate George Formby statue approves. (c)Illarterate

In other news, it appears that Sir Dave Whelan is currently on summer vacation in Medusa’s chamber. Is it any coincidence that we are to erect a ‘statue’ of the great man at the DW Stadium? This blogger says: of course not.

Hear more from my stand-up act at The Comedy Store this Friday night, or order my 45-cassette box set! With all your favourite jokes including that one about household appliances and that one that isn’t really a joke (nor is it funny) but people sometimes laugh because I offer free beer at my shows. For more information, see PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages or a good doctor.

Emmerson Boyce, This is Your Life

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