July 15, 2024
Dave Whelan and pies

(c)Manchester Evening News

Dave Whelan and pies
“What’s this stereotypical pudding nonsense? I meant Pooles *Domestics*!” (c)Manchester Evening News

I’ve got some great news for you – Latics currently lie second in the most important league of all, the League One Top Rated Pie Championship! I suggest we drop this footballing nonsense and switch our entire production line to the good ol’ meat an’ tater in a bid for the prestigious Holland’s Pie Cup. Regional pride is at steak… sorry, stake here, so it’s time to blitz the postal voting with some dodgy handwritten postcards. Who’s with mayyy?!

(Looks around. Nobody moves a muscle.)

Sorry, just thought I’d lower the tone to its usual light-hearted sub-bathroom level. Poetry and politics have no place in the domain of club football, so it’d be best to forget Saturday ever happened on two (overdrawn) accounts. Or three, if you count that one festival taking place at Believe Square.

But before we leave the subject of quotations forever (by order of the County Court Judge), here’s one I pilfered from a scaffolding company that has been hijacking Liverpool’s Broad Green Station for more than thirteen years now:

“Reading make a full man;
Conference a ready man;
And writing an exact man.”
— Bacon (Maketh a Fat Man)

Wait, what? This is a PWU Podcast post and not a cosy parlour chat? Blast, I was hoping it was all a dream and I’d wake up in an alternate universe where Wigan Athletic won the FA Cup.

YouTube version

Contents: A big hello from the PWU team (0:00); Port Vale review (1:00) with Adam’s From The Terraces report (1:10) including McCann you be more careful? (6:00) The Invincibles Fallacy (11:00), turning Plan B into Plan A (15:50) and Total Meltdown… on hold [with added flying steward stories] (18:00); Mick’s rockin’ Fleetwood preview (24:30) including the Cod of War (27:00), previous meetings (33:00), Simon’s Odds Checker (37:00) and ‘comedy’ predictions [possibly involving Grant Holt] (38:30); misc. messages (40:30) including a JC Garcia dedication

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Agh, did I really just write all that nonsense? It’s Not That Funny – I’d love to pull The Chain and flush that toilet humour away, but Oh Well, I Can’t Go Back now. But, er, Don’t Stop reading because I’ll get Straight Back to those Dreams of cup glory…

Wait, who are we playing on Saturday again, Mac? When you find out, please do send a telegram to PWU via the Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages, because I’m Over My Head here. Anyway, the Sands Of Time have ebbed away and this post is over, so You Can Go Your Own Way now.

(Blast, can’t believe I’ve wasted that gimmick at the first opportunity. Oh well, it’ll force me to be more original next time.)

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I’d rather Fleetwood Mac than Jack. Whatever that means.

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