July 15, 2024
Beach football pitch

Get me a rocket lolly, will ya?

Beach football pitch
Get me a rocket lolly, will ya?

Experts claim February is the most depressing month of the year, at least for a certain sports surface outside Wigan town centre. But while there’s still a remote chance of greeting March as league leaders, the Robin Park beach will be eternally bathed in watery sunshine. I can already hear the chimes of Whelan brand ‘Flake a Leg’ ice cream vans making their way through Standish Lower Ground and Beech Hill…

Right, I’ll let you listen to us ramble about drainage while I retrieve my open-toed football boots and ice lolly mould from the attic. And I must remember to buy some factor 65 sun cream from the supermarket! Oooh, I wonder if they still publish those Beano and Dandy summer beach special editions…?

(Jeez, the first sign of daffodils and he gets all nostalgic about summer. He’ll have one heck of a shock when he steps outside and slips on the frosty pavement. — Ed.)

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Contents: Not-at-all-scripted intros LIVE from the Gidlow Delta (0:00); life’s a (DW) beach (2:10) with added snow (4:40); Sheffield United review with Si’s From Terrace report (5:50), ¡Eh,… McAleny! [Aaay] (10:00), Sam Morsy – future leader? (13:50) and Perkins: Goal Machine (17:00); pitch chat: reprise (23:20) and Wigan Athletic: disgrace to the league?! (26:30) sponsored by Dominion Fruit Pastilles (35:00); Power>Powell (36:40); Oldham preview (38:30) with Si’s Oddschecker (42:00) and windy predictions (44:00)

Fartwatch: 45:30

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How to do the Highland Fling
How to do the Max Power celebration.

What do you mean, “what am I doing?”

Why, it’s the ‘leaf blower up the kilt’ Highland Fling celebration, of course! Max Power is the January Fans’ Player of the Month having presumably fixed the phone poll. I guess it’s like Eurovision, where votes can be bought from certain corruptible countries… except here, you just send them free packets of Uncle Joe’s.

Speaking of which, thanks to the 27 people that voted PWU ‘The Web’s Only Weekly Latics Podcast’ at the recent Latics Podcast Awards in Shevington. Your prize is a collection of web links to our Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages. Look at them, they’re hyper!

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