July 15, 2024
Crap Caldwell drawing

Yeah, I spent far too long on this. And I still can't draw with a mouse.

Crap Caldwell drawing
Yeah, I spent far too long on this. And I still can’t draw with a mouse.

Right, that settles it. From this day forward I am switching JWAW from a small time internet weblog to an… even smaller time printed memo service. Nope, I’ve made up my mind!

Having witnessed first hand how successful Gary Caldwell’s paper notes system can be, I am certain that a little piece of paper, not virtual webspace, is the way forward for Wigan Athletic opinion distribution. Fanzines? Too expensive. Newspaper? Too many hard words. Messages scribbled on toilet walls? Too smelly.

From now on, I will summarise each issue in 20 words on a single index card to be distributed amongst all twelve of you. At some point in the next two weeks, you may or may not receive a particularly well-thumbed bit of card with some barely readable smudged ink.

And do you know what the best part is? It will be available for the low, low price of your sanity.

YouTube version

Contents: Bouncy bunny intros (0:00); ‘ten man’ Swindon review (1:10) with Si’s From The Terrace report (2:30) and celebrity punditry from Adam (6:00); Rochdale review/psychoanalysis (12:10) including Si on the terrace [again] (13:20), guilty Pearce? (15:55), Holtmeister’s pie pocket (20:00), the bubble’s Burton (22:50) and Yanic’s naughty seat explained (24:00); Joseph’s Goal Legends vs Dutch Masters charity match news (25:40); Shrewsbury preview (29:20) with a start for Vuckic? (31:00), perky predictions (32:30) and Si’s Oddschecker (34:00); Bradford for the Playoffs and Latics for the title (35:30)

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Progress With Unity index card
Here’s tonight’s edition of the PWU Podcast in card form!

I don’t normally plug the Wigan Evening Post 12th Man column, but I urge you to buy tomorrow’s paper as it contains a 40-step plan to winning League One (hint: #1 to #39 may include parachute payments).

…Not really, I wrote some nonsense about football on television again. But I can write about parachutes on Saturday if you like?

Oh boy, now you’ve asked for it…

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