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Wigan 0 Aston Villa 2: A grack in the googlies

Ladies and gentlemen, The King has left the building… a pirate. Sayonara, Shortsman II. Your reign was as short as your shrinking pantaloons, but we shall forever remember you as the guy who ‘wasn’t

Aston Villa 1 Wigan 0: Monster monster

Two short years ago, the Championship was a ruddy tough league. So what does that make it now? A voracious beast fuelled by a gruesome stew of broiled fifty pence pieces and minced five

Progress With Unity Progress Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 46: PWU End Of Season Dinner

[Scattered applause punctuated by the odd chesty cough] Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! I welcome you to Sharpy’s Restaurant for this very special end of season dinner. While the PWU regulars are currently tucking

Wigan 2-2 Aston Villa: Not goodbye, just au revoir?

I really wasn’t sure what to feel today. On one hand it is sad to think the DW Stadium will not be hosting top flight football next year, on the other there was the

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 45: Pleasure/Pain

Good evening, podcasters! I hope you aren’t in too foul a mood following the events of Tuesday evening, and have enough energy to enjoy this week’s Progress With Unity. The FA Cup win is

Progress With Unity Latics Podcast No. 25: With apologies to Dale Winton

Welcome back, Latic fanatics, for a whole new season of the Progress With Unity Podcast! Thankfully, the festive period has been salvaged by a win over Villa, so mass depression has been successfully avoided

Aston Villa 0-3 Wigan: Feed the Ram

I awoke this morning with an uncomfortably familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was an uneasy sensation of impending doom tempered by just a hint of hope, vaguely similar to the