July 15, 2024

Uwe Are My Sunshine (c)Kjetil Ree

Uwe Are My Sunshine (c)Kjetil Ree
I Want Uwe Back For Good (c)Kjetil Ree

Just when this week’s Big Kick-Off needed more hype, a predatory Progress With Unity bursts forth, microphone in hand, to get those exclusive interviews. Except *this* was an open forum, and it was all reported on News Now within minutes of the event. But don’t you dare spoil our one chance to be relevant, you swine!

Boisterous Barry’s been a busy beaver, quickly editing together one of his bonus podcasts for your delectation and delight. This means those who didn’t make last night’s ‘celebration’ (*coughs, raises hand*) can savour a healthy mouthful of the extra-rich beef chunks with added apfelstrudel. That’s Penguin buscuit pie… I think. Sorry, it’s been a while since I studied GCSE German.

Now before you listen, please bare in mind that the Wigan public certainly aren’t afraid of voicing their opinions. I must warn you that there are many straight-talking, direct ‘Ticsmen that certainly don’t… shall we say, ‘modify’ their questions for ‘official consumption’, much as I do on these very pages (hyeh, right).

Also, don’t forget to check back tomorrow for this week’s ‘proper’ episode of the PWU Podcast. I promise it will be just as fun… perhaps.

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