June 25, 2024
Harry Redknapp dog

What?! Who are you and what have you done with Arry?! (c) Who knows?

Harry Redknapp dog
What?! Who are you and what have you done with Arry?! (c)Who knows?

No, it isn’t worth talking about the Sports Snooze deadline day broadcast. Not even the new prime time television-friendly 11pm closure could inject enough excitement for me to go and subscribe to Mr Murdoch’s black box of wonders for one evening. Heck, without Harry Redknapp leaning out of his car, it just isn’t the same! One can only assume said automobile was stolen and replaced with a wheelchair by some pesky purple cucumber-wielding pranksters. (Incidentally, that video is NSFW if you’re thinking of looking it up!)

Believe me, as silly as that opening paragraph might be, it’s still more interesting than sitting stern-faced in front of the tube for three hours and saying “well, that’s a good portion of my life I won’t ever get back”. While I can’t guarantee you won’t say the same about this week’s PWU Podcast, JWAW understands it most definitely is worth the download fee of exactly zero pence. Zero! Chew on that, paywall-blocked podcasts.

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Contents: Transfer w-intros (0:00); Ipswich real time slo-mo replay including Statman (0:30) and report with Adam (1:30); breaking transfer deadline day deals, mates! (8:30) including Latics Old Boys report (16:50), Dressing Room Revue (20:00), a bid for T’Freddie? (27:50), more deals to come (29:00) and clearing up Captain Caldwell’s contract (31:40); time for some Cherry cheer: Bournemouth preview (33:20) including some words of encouragement from Peter Bell of Cherry Chimes (37:45), men to watch and predictions (44:00); Forest mini-preview (47:00); I’ll be a non-drunk Chunk’s uncle (48:20)

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Earls Court
Reserve your seats for the big JWAW stage show, live at Earls Court this summer! (c)Damien Everett

In the midsts of January transfer window madness (c)Sky Sports News, one little article on the Football Supporters Federation site seems to have slipped by unnoticed. To fill you in, it concerns a certain episode of the PWU Podcast involving Supporter Liaison Officer Ian Wadsworth and includes a photograph randomly selected from this very blog! Finally, after almost three years in the wilderness, PWU has been featured on a serious journalistic site. Well, don’t expect to hear from me any time soon as I begin the rockstar lifestyle associated with big time internet bloggers.

Before I go, please do consult the PWU Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages for what those ‘other guys’ are up to. So long, suckers! I’ll see you in New York, Tokyo and Venice for the JWAW live show…

Re: 35mins 0secs

Bournemouth fans
Any excuse to post pictures from the 2013 FA Cup campaign…(c)Illarterate

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