June 16, 2024
Max Power sloshed

Allegedly this is Max Power. And allegedly he is sloshed. @Wilkiee999

Blackpool Beamback
As you might be able to imagine, this was a very weird experience.

Why, dear reader? Why would you ever feel the evil urge to buy one of those terrible third-rate excuses for bedroom pseudo-furniture? The annoying little balls get lodged in your groin area, causing stealth bum numbness that only seems to materialise when you attempt to stand.

And tell me why you would want a tangerine-coloured one when you claim to be a Wigan Athletic fan. Do you plan to paint it with that blue gloss you have left over from last year’s shed redecoration? Granted, it is a simply gorgeous hue, darling…

…But oh, you meant ‘Blackpool Beamback’? Sorry, I’ll crawl slowly to my comfort beanbag in the corner again…

YouTube version

Contents: Intro from 3,000 Latics fans (0:00); rockin’ Blackpool review (0:55) including singing the stats (1:30), the phantom penalty (3:30), Si’s Off The Terrace report (7:30) and auf geht’s sloshed (14:00); PWU Player of the Season Awards (17:30) with a few surprises; The Masters of Dutch Football come to Wigan – be there (35:20); not-at-all-bullish Barnsley preview (37:30) including ‘Johnstone’s Paint the town’ predictions (40:30); thank you from PWU for your listenership this season (50:00); shoutouts for club staff (55:00)

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And now, LIVE from the editorial section, a JWAW special feature…

Max Power sloshed
Allegedly this is Max Power. And allegedly he is sloshed. @Wilkiee999

Things more comfortable than Max Power’s head on Sunday morning

Industrial strength double sided sandpaper with bonus shards of unrefined glass.

David Perkins’s beard on Monday morning.

The combined force of every stiff-bristled broom in the DW Stadium (before Big Dave’s latest monthly storeroom clearout).

A Canadian woodsman’s arm hairs rubbed against the grain… after he covered himself in molasses and swam in a pool of rusty screws.

A typical beetle-infested Blackpool bed and breakfast mattress (thirty second hand) after being sliced open with a kitchen knife.

The Macron Stadium.

Oooh, I neeeearly went a whole season without taking an unjustified jab at our unfortunate neighbours. They’ll be waiting for me at the Westhoughton border with all of the above mentioned items tomorrow morning…

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