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PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 87: Well I’ll be a Chunky’s Uncle

Heeey, you guyyys! It’s official: the man known only as Chunk (as printed just above his belly button) is PWU’s Lucky Mascot of the Week. And possibly next week’s too, but we’ll see what

Wigan 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday: Gomez leaves Wednesday in the lurch

Please do not adjust your monitor’s V-hold, because you’re not seeing double – yesterday was indeed officially Wednesday Wednesday, Wednesday. And I apologise if you aren’t the daughter from The Addams Family but that

Manchester City 1-2 Wigan: The Spirit of Sir Ben

I write this article wearing my exclusive Wigan Evening Post cut-out-and-keep Ben Watson mask. I’m not the only one to embrace this curious custom – of all the bizarre things to happen in Manchester

Nottingham Forest 1-4 Wigan: TILT TILT TILT Game Over

Say what you like about good old St David, but his celebrations invariably bring us a glorious first day of summer. Well alright, it’s still quite cold. But the big, round Calor gas heater

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 74: It’s Business Time

Strike all of this season’s results from the record, for they were mere preamble. The real business transactions begin now, exactly nineteen games from the end of the 2013-14 Championship campaign, so grab your

Wigan 2-1 Charlton: Late Train To Noah’s Arksville

In many ways, the transfer window is like a train journey through a busy city centre. Once January is over, the doors are securely locked for safety and the next and final stop is

Wigan 3-3 MK Dons: FA Cup in the pink of health

As Latics were cruelly consigned to the Premier League’s less wealthy ‘concrete car park training league’, there were concerns that it would be boring. “The football, and referees, are awful,” they said. While the