July 15, 2024
Richard and Judy

Bobby and Andy Madley relax after a hard day's officiating (c)Respective owner(s)

Richard and Judy
Bobby and Andy Madley relax after a hard day’s officiating (c)respective owner(s)

In the midsts of the latest Latics injury mini-crisis, PWU fields a full squad of eight for a whirlwind look back on another historic week of football. But it isn’t just the players feeling the effects, as at least one member of the team admits to attending the recording with a devilish travel hangover. Hey, it’s an awful long way to the back of my garden, you know! And don’t get me started on the maintenance costs.

Wow, three games to cover, plus the prospect of another this weekend? I’m struggling to keep up with this in my middle age – all that languishing near the bottom of the Premier League and its associated downtime has spoiled me. As it happens, we’re grateful of a four day ‘break’, which can only mean one thing: more complaining courtesy your least favourite Wigan Athletic podcasters. Groan…

Right, it’s over to Fred for the weather before another attempt to resurrect the sunken Yellow Duckmarine for a not-so-open-top Capital One ‘crashing out’ bus parade through Standish Lower Ground.

Contents: Latics’ Euro Road Trip Chronicles 01 (0:00); Ipswich Town reaction (8:30); shoutout to James McClean and Jean Beausejour (17:25); Manchester City or something… move on quickly! (21:00); Watford preview (28:05); Graham Taylor scouts Barry! (30:30); transfer targets and injury updates with Wigan Evening Post’s Paul Kendrick (37:20); A.O.B. and Joseph’s Goal update (40:20)

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