July 15, 2024
Reading the Beano comic

So now you know where I steal my references from. (c)BBC

Very upset girl
Cheer up, only another 12 and a half months to Christmas…

Room for another celebration? Good! Then rummage through the pantry and fetch that box of out of date Jacob’s biscuits you forgot all about, because Progress With Unity has notched up its (unofficial) ton-50.

Here at PWU, every Wednesday is Christmas Day… but that’s only because our digital clock is stuck at 00:00 on 25 December 1990 and none of us has ever bothered to fix it. I think there might be a hint of superstition to our procrastination – the thing hasn’t been touched since 11 May 2013.

Yep, our terrible timepiece is as broken as the BBC Sport website this Christmas period. Millions, nay, billions were forced to boot up their CRT tellies and consult Ceefax as said site suffered its customary December DDoS attack. Ahh, it wouldn’t be Christmas without the downtime!

Oh, and that burning smell emanating from my back garden? Nope, it definitely isn’t a Christmas wrapping paper bonfire. Nope, I certainly didn’t put my coloured bins out on the wrong day. Wait, what day is it now…?

YouTube version

Contents: Musical intros and ruined Xmases (0:00); fishy Fleetwood thoughts with Simon’s From The Terrace report (3:00) and bonus Captain Pugwash banter (6:00); Scunthorpe scrutiny with Simon’s second FTT report (8:50) and correct tactics? (13:00); There’s Only One Stevie G: a tribute to Steve Gohouri (14:15); the transfer window quietly opens (16:40) including Yanic: The Million Pound Man (20:00); Gillingham preview with Statman the Caped Crusader (29:30), surprisingly positive New Year’s predictions (31:45) and Si’s Oddschecker (36:00); fleeting Sheffield United preview (38:40); Zine Wars update (41:10)

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Reading the Beano comic
So now you know where I get my obscure references. (c)BBC

You may remember me rambling on about my New Year’s resolutions last weekend. Well, I feel I must record my entire list here to make things more ‘real’, to add an element of jeopardy. They’re printed on the internet now, so I guess I have to take them seriously, eh? And besides, the only reason to make resolutions is to brag about how you will/will not fulfil them. So won’t you humour me for a moment?

  • Attempt to be more grammatically correct on Twitter, no matter how many extra tweets it takes to get my point across
  • Ditch my computer and learn how to write with a pen again (I’ve tried, I can’t!)
  • Get a walk-on part in Coronation Street by force
  • Renew subscription to The Beano Comic; briefly consider defecting to The Mirror before changing mind
  • Become even more inoffensive and mainstream
  • Stop using self-reference
  • Stop doing lazy list posts
  • Promo PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages in a more relevant fashion

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