July 16, 2024
PWU toilet

Progress With Unity: Essential Toilet Material. (c)ArtNow314

PWU toilet
Progress With Unity: Essential Toilet Material. (c)ArtNow314/Illarterate

Now, I know what you’re all thinking: “that Dan bloke takes longer unscheduled toilet breaks than the England cricket team after a Saturday night down at the local watering hole (allegedly).” Well, the truth is that I left the refrigerator running… yes, he’s in training for the Great North Run! Badum tish.

It’s all a bit of a pity, as I wish I had the chance to praise Rob Green for his performance on Tuesday night. Mind you, it probably would have been edited out anyway due to unprecedented profanity – certainly, my fridge got a verbal rollicking when I realised everything was fine… grumble groan.

Contents: Coming live from the Beech Hill Book Cycle (0:00); Watford review and we are staying up! (0:45); spot the difference (6:00); QPR grumblings (8:50) and until we meet again? (14:10); Bolton preview (17:15) with not a mention of Mr OC; swift delivery of a special message for David (21:30); Walk4Joseph (22:30); Dan returns to destroy a clean sweep of Bolton predictions (25:30); foxy Leicester preview (29:00); The Great Escape (35:40)

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Toilet pees
No, Mr Toilet, *you* don’t pee on *me*… (c)Chris 73

There will most likely be heavy fallout (huhuh) from this week’s Toilet Edition, so use PWU’s iTunes, RSS and app pages for juicy updates on future episodes. I would normally say check back here, but I am unsure whether I will survive Saturday’s trip to Bolton. I reckon I could walk seven miles, but I’m a marked man in the good town of Boltonia since the Wurzels incident. *Grimaces*

Oh, and if you’re wondering about my ‘coming live’ comment, there may or may not be a special live edition of PWU in the rusty pipeline. But nobody knows about this yet, not even your esteemed host Mr Barold Worthyman, so keep it to yourself for the time being. *Wink*

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2 thoughts on “PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 81: Toilet Thursday

  1. @Helena: Heheh… Barry edited out a bit where he talked about doing a live podcast, so my comment made little sense. Quite funny out of context, though. 😛

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