July 16, 2024

st_mirren_actionFirst of all, I will say that I did not go to, or even listen to the Norwich match, hence the lack of a match report. Call me a fool, but I got confused and thought it was on Sunday for some reason. Thanks a lot Ceefax! Needless to say I’m going to heed my own warnings and check the official website from now on.

Sounds like it was another decent runout, despite the loss, but I’m a little bit wary of the St. Mirren game now; whereas before I was sure we would paste them to a pulp, now there is that nagging doubt. I would trade a 3-0 win against the Scottish side for a 1-0 against Villa, though, so everything ought to be put into context.

Only one stand is open to home supporters for this game, so I will pick up some tickets later on today if all goes to plan. I did want to go for them on Saturday, but the office was closed for some strange reason, perhaps something to do with rekitting everything to say ‘DW’. Still, it’s not like I’m going to miss out on a seat, eh? Eh?

Looking forward to a nice day of football at the DW rather than a day of rugby at the pub, what with the Warriors’ big cup tie happening around about the same time as the Latics friendly. As previously alluded to, the best thing is that there is no real pressure on the match, just a chance to see our pre-season preparations on the (relative) cheap, and for a fiver, you can certainly count me in.

Expect the team given a runout this Saturday to be a bit closer to the Aston Villa starting XI precisely a week later. Charles N’Zogbia seems to be the big star of the pre-season so far, so I would guess he is nailed on for a start in both fixtures, barring injuries (fingers crossed). We may perhaps be able to say the same for Won Hee Cho, thanks to a sparkling performance that included a goal against Norwich.

Expect the St. Mirren match to answer a few more questions, like how much the pies will cost this season. Although the season ticket prices have been frozen, I very much doubt that meat and ‘taters will. That’s not to say they aren’t actually frozen, which they probably will be, so bring your own portable microwave.

2 thoughts on “Wigan v St. Mirren match preview

  1. Hi there Nadine! I’ve just got back from the DW with two seats for the game, so my guess is they’ve been on sale for a bit now. Unreserved, so I would not worry about buying them early, just turn up on the day with time to spare.


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